1. The Foreign Exchange crew has made it to Europe!  We landed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport yesterday and then proceeded right to The Hague with the Sickboards crew.  We went right to this fun little skatepark in the city and my Paris teammate Amanda Powell snapped this shot of me getting a front rock.


  2. Spent a long weekend in San Francisco last month and got this shot of me taken by the great Blake Smith for Comet Skateboards.  Ollieing from the sidewalk out into the street. 


  3. Holy moly, this video is entertaining and chock full of ridiculous surf shreddage


  4. I’m super excited to spend the month of September hopping around Europe, skating with locals and visiting shops/distributors thanks to Comet Skateboards and the rad family at Paris Truck Co/Resource Distribution.

    We’re calling the trip Foreign Exchange: Europe.  Earlier this week, we launched our Kickstarter campaign to tell you all a little about what we’re hoping to do and also to give you the chance to get involved!  Check it out, enjoy the video and please help us spread the word.



  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this video “A Basque Holiday” from the guys at korduroy.tv


  6. My friend Pat enjoying #vanlife and the Topanga views, Apr 2013


  7. I snapped this shot of up-and-coming shredder Jared Henry for SkateHouse on the Comet DCDC Tour in July of 2013.  Can’t wait for the footage we got on the trip to drop…


  8. FS hurricane, Hollywood, MattK photo, Jul 2013


  9. My second full-page ad for Paris Truck Co, awesome photo by OSL taken at the Ithaca Hill Jam back in April. This one ran in Concrete Wave, Summer 2013


  10. The first and (so far) only photo of me riding waves.  Paddling into a fun little guy at the spot in Malibu, photo by my buddy Dane Webber, Jul 2013


  11. "The beach rocks," Jul 13


  12. Me, again in the Sierra’s, photo by MattK for Paris Truck Co, Jun 2013


  13. Me tucking down a fast road in the Sierra’s, Jun 2013


  14. I filmed and edited this short video of my friend Eric Jensen for SkateHouseMedia, May 2013


  15. Photo I snapped of my buddy and Comet teammate Eric Jensen riding walls in Ithaca NY, Apr 2013